AI:ON Capabilities

Detect Cancers and Diseases Early.

AI:ON Innovations has developed artificial intelligence solutions that may aid clinicians in identifying abnormalities present in medical images by isolating and highlighting areas of potential concern.

Find What's Hidden.

AI:ON searches the entire scan, including substructures of organs for acute abnormalities, ensuring no hidden threats are being masked by the known problems.

Roadmap for FDA Clearance.

AI:ON is currently preparing a regulatory submission to obtain clearance from the FDA for the U.S. market.


What a doctor sees:


Let's take a look at this same scan - seen through the eyes of AI:ON.

In cases such as Multiple Sclerosis (MS), it can be hard to identify every lesion. AI:ON makes potential MS Lesion biomarkers apparent to the doctor.

AI:ON models both the impacted organ and the mass, providing the doctor with further clarity.

AI:ON processes the entire scan, reducing the doctor's chance of missing something important.

The 3D rendering of pre-stage-1 tumor biomarkers enables doctors to visualize the entire pathology. Leading to higher potential for full extraction and quicker recovery.

AI:ON can detect cancer biomarkers well before stage 1 in many cases.

AI:ON is a non-invasive way to identify cancer & disease biomarkers.

AI:ON highlights impacted substructures in addition to the masses within, providing the doctor with enhanced visualization of the affected area.

AI:ON highlights MS Lesion biomarkers and predicts the potential growth over the next 2 years, aiding the doctor in identification of active vs. inactive lesions.

AI:ON identifies the location of Breast Cancer biomarkers and may predict the response to 6 months of Chemotherapy.

Veterinary Medicine

AI:ON identifies cancers & diseases in humans & animals alike, bringing a boon to the Veterinary Medicine Market.

Veterinary Medicine - Lung Tumor

AI:ON specializes in identifying the precise shape of masses, enabling the veterinarian to both find the problem and extract the mass within the same hour and anestetic dose.

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The AI:ON artificial intelligence software is not currently FDA approved, however, the application for FDA clearance is in process.

AI:ON can process cases in under 10 seconds.

AI:ON's Database contains over 11.5 Terabytes of CTs, MRIs, X-Rays, Ultrasounds, Mammograms, and Histopathology Images. AI:ON leverages this data to train a suite of AI for each cancer or disease, that are acutely expert in finding any hidden problem, even in early stages. These AI solutions carefully search through each scan, taking over 90,000 passes through an image per scan processed, so that everything may be found accurately and precisely.

AI:ON enhances the doctor's vision so that they may see things they otherwise might not have. In cases where the problem is apparent, AI:ON helps create a double-check that also traces the specific roots of the problem, which can lead to a cleaner and fuller removal of the problem. AI:ON technology enables the physician to significantly improve patient outcomes.