Detect Cancers and Diseases Earlier

AI:ON Innovations is developing artificial intelligence solutions to aid clinicians in identifying abnormalities present in medical images by isolating and highlighting areas of potential concern.

Find What's Hidden

Our cutting-edge technology delves deep into the full body, including the intricate substructures of organs, uncovering acute abnormalities that may evade detection by traditional methods. With AI:ON, no hidden threats are left undiscovered, ensuring comprehensive health insights for proactive care.

Roadmap for FDA Clearance

AI:ON is working with many research partners to refine this revolutionary technology. We are currently preparing a regulatory submission to obtain clearance from the FDA for the U.S. market.

What Our Partners Are Saying

“The AI:ON ophthalmic imaging suite promises to offer precision medicine — the likes of which has never before been available — that will be transformational for patients and doctors. Welcome to the 21st Century!”

“AI:ON’s heatmap technology could revolutionize the way we visualize MS lesions in brain MRI scans.”

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